Dr. Esther Kühn (Projektleitung)

My research group has the vision to understand how cortical microstructure links to human behavior in health and disease. Ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging at 7 Tesla allows visualizing and investigating the human brain in unprecedented detail. My research group investigates sub-milimeter changes in cortical myelin, cortical iron, functional activation, and functional connectivity to understand how in vivo microstructural imaging can help us to understand human brain function and plasticity. One research focus is on microstructural changes in the sensorimotor system that occur with increasing age, and in cases of neurodegenerative diseases. My team is international (Germany, UK, India, Poland, Greece..), interdisciplinary (medical engeneering, psychology, medicine, cognitive neuroscience, clinical neuroscience..), and dedicated to solve fascinating research questions. If you would like to join the team contact me.


  • Alicia Northall (PhD Studentin)
  • Juliane Döhler (PhD Studentin)
  • Miriam Weber (Medizinische Doktorandin)
  • Igor Tellez (Studentische Hilfskraft)