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Hartmut Schuetze

My task is the planning, implementation and evaluation of fMRI studies as well as the processing of structural and functional MRI images. I am especially interested in the effects of the aging process on learning and on the processing of novelty, and the influence of dementia on these functions.


Regions of higher activation by later remembered pictures compared to later forgotten pictures (DM-Effect, 'Due to Memory'). Activations lie mainly alongside the hippocampus.

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Hartmut Schütze

Dr. rer. nat.
Postdoctoral Researcher at IKND since 01.05.2008


Institute of Cognitive Neurology and Dementia Research
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
Leipziger Str. 44
39120 Magdeburg, Germany

Phone: + 49 391 67 250 52


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