Beatrice Barbazzeni

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Cognitive Training Based on EEG-Neurofeedback to Improve Working Memory in Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease

Memory impairments in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) have been associated with progressive hippocampal atrophy, impaired brain oscillatory activity, decreased attention and motivation to learn while encoding new stimuli. Although neuropharmacological interventions have been the major approach to treat cognitive impairments, none of them have shown convincing efficacy in stopping the progression of cognitive decline. Recently, the combination of cognitive training (CT) with neurofeedback (NF) has demonstrated to enhance memory and brain oscillatory activity, particularly when applied during the early stage of AD (preclinical AD, pAD). Similarly, the anticipation of monetary reward in a learning situation has been correlated with alpha suppression; the neural substrate of attentional and memory processes. Thus, to improve working memory (WM) in pAD, my research aims to combine CT with EEG-neurofeedback (EEG-NF) to train alpha suppression during the performance of a monetary-rewarded memory task. The study will evaluate the effect of reward incentives and EEG-NF training on WM, as well as, on hippocampal volume changes by implementing high-field magnetic resonance imaging. The goal of my research is to develop a new method as a novel therapeutic tool to ameliorate up-regulation of EEG activity, attention and motivation to learn, consequently improving memory and life quality in pAD patients.

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