AG Dr. Esther Kühn: Cortical Microstructure in Health & Disease

AG Dr. Esther Kühn

Description of the working group

My research group has the vision to understand how cortical microstructure links to human behavior in health and disease. Ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging at 7 Tesla allows visualizing and investigating the human brain in unprecedented detail. My research group investigates sub-milimeter changes in cortical myelin, cortical iron, functional activation, and functional connectivity in older adults and people with neurodegenerative diseases together with measures of everyday life phenotypes to understand the neuronal mechanisms that underlie healthy and pathological aging. You find more information about my research here (

Which projects are currently running in the working group:

  • Cortical Microstructure & Aging Disease
  • Dynamics in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  • Neuronal Plasticity via Top-Down Control
  • Vasculature Pattern & Plasticity